The road less traveled

It’s not very often that someone gets to identify an event that they know will change their life. To pinpoint a time and place where the action or actions they took will set them on a course that will alter their path. Usually it’s identified in retrospect and reflection. Continue reading The road less traveled

Comic relief

Last post I complained about it being quiet on the dating front.  And apparently my raging case of shack-wackiness isn’t unique.  Earlier this week the good folks at eHarmony sent me a notice that they’d found my ideal man.   Now, I’m not normally taken in by advertising – I like to think I’m more intelligent than to fall for a slick marketing ploy.  But damn, that kindly old man who supposedly takes great care in selecting only the best potential mates for a person really sucked me in.  I mean really, would your dad steer you wrong?  I trusted Neil Clark Warren to take great care of me and find me my happily ever after. Continue reading Comic relief

All’s quiet on the dating front

So it’s been a bit quiet this week.  I think the late dumping of snow that we got (the most snow in a single day!) has just sucked the life and happiness out of everyone.  I know it has me.  I’m completely shack wacky, the underside of my car has something hanging from it (I don’t know cars, but I know enough to know that’s not ever a good thing), I can’t get to the gym because our road hasn’t been plowed, my teeny tiny bicep tear/tendonitis has not responded well to 2 hours of intense snow shoveling, and I’m eating things that I wouldn’t ever normally put anywhere near my mouth.  All that combined hasn’t made me feel inclined to meet my dream man.  And I suspect my dream man is feeling the same way….or he’s buried in a snowbank.  Either way, it’s been a miserable week on all fronts.  Continue reading All’s quiet on the dating front

Onward and upward

So Hugh Dillon and I didn’t connect.  Which was too bad.  He’s hands down the most attractive man I’ve met in this journey.  And his teeth…!  He has the whitest, most amazing teeth…not hard on the eyes one little bit. He’s only just gone online and I suspect his calendar will be filled very very soon!  But there was no connection on my part.  I felt nothing.  And I felt really awful about it – especially since he wanted to have a follow-up date. I think the real Hugh Dillon and I would have amazing chemistry (there’s that pesky issue of his wife that he’s devoted to, but I’m thinking that she and I could work something out).  But Halifax Hugh – sadly, none was there.  Fortunately, I think he’ll find someone to connect with really, really soon.  Unfortunately, I was left wondering if I’m completely broken….  Continue reading Onward and upward

Forward facing – I’m baaack

Alright. So I stumbled a bit getting out of the gate, but I’m ready to give it another shot!

A bit of background: My ‘celebrity crush’ is Hugh Dillon.  Has been for years – the man makes me weak in the knees.  So imagine my surprise this evening when Hugh Dillon shows up as a match.  Well, obviously it’s not the real Hugh Dillon – but close enough to make me do a happy dance in my computer chair.  Continue reading Forward facing – I’m baaack

Forward facing

I met a man a couple of months ago on Match and we’ve become good friends.  He came over to my place the other evening and for fun we went through his ‘matches’. It was really interesting to me because I have had no idea what online dating looked and felt like from a male point of view. Continue reading Forward facing